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Evitts Run Project

The Gardens is a place where sun, earth, and water meet.

In fact, the Gardens are sitting on the Evitts Run floodplain. The Run is just south of us by the Charles Town Skateboard Park and just behind the Gardens. In 2022, RCG worked with William Heflebower and Scout Troop 42 to create a pathway along Evitts Run. 

Ultimately, the area's Master Plan links the community gardens at Happy Retreat, Perry Fields, and Evitts Run to form a continuous walking path. But, for now, you can enjoy the pathway the Scouts created which is on the other side of the railroad tracks, next to the Skate Board Park.

Save Our Streams Workshop

As part of the Evitts Run Project, we developed an educational day in and around Evitts Run!

Join us for a fun, educational day in and around Evitts Run! During the Save Our Streams workshop, you will learn how to evaluate water quality of wadeable rivers and streams by examining the stream habitat, conducting chemical analysis, and studying the biodiversity of benthic macroinvertebrate communities. Share your data in the online Volunteer Assessment Database and contribute to our knowledge of the health of our state’s watersheds. Be sure to wear clothing appropriate for a day outdoors in and around the water, including muck boots or waders, bug spray, and fast-drying clothing.  

Evitts Run


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