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Eagle Scout Garden Wall

The Eagle Scouts have been a great help with developing the Gardens. From nearly the beginning back in 2013 the Scouts have pitched in and done projects, large and small, that help us improve.


In 2021 the Gardens started to implement plans to improve our social space. Our goal is to make the gardens a place where everyone can enjoy a little bit of nature. We decided that the first step in the process was to improve our pollinator garden. Everyone loves it—kids see how caterpillars turn into butterflies, our Founder’s Tree is planted in the middle of it, and, of course, it supplies bees and other pollinators a place to get a jolt of nectar.


At the same time, Clayton Heflebower was looking for an Eagle Scout project. Clayton and his fellow scouts (along with scoutmasters and parents) designed and built a low brick wall. The wall helps define the pollinator space as well as provide informal sitting during classes and events. Once the wall was installed, we began to envision haw the rest of the space could be used.


So, when you have some time, take a minute to stop by the Gardens and take a look. Who knows, you might even see a butterfly or hummingbird!


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